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Learn Russian with an interlinear version of Chekhov's Ionitch

Kees Van den End

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Learn Russian with an interlinear version of Chekhov's Ionitch

One of our Russian books is Ionitch, by Anton Chekhov. It tells the story of a man named Ionitch, who is countryside doctor and a new arrival in a non-descript Russian town, where there are few distractions apart from a rich landowner's soirees and his attention seeking wife and daughter.   Initially infatuated with the daughter but rejected, their relationship reverses when Ionitch finally gives up on her. Apart from relating about the monotonous life in a district town, it describes the passion and the exhaustion of it.   Reading Ionitch in interlinear format is a great way to improve...

Download Russian Fairy Tales Try Out

Learn Russian With Bermuda Word E-Books When you're still doubting the effectiveness of our e-books, download the free try out version of Russian Fairy Tales and see how easy it is to read the Russian language and learn any new words via the testing. Notice how the software will ignore any high frequency (easy) words and focus on the low frequency (difficult) ones, and how you can set the practice reminder schedule for new words you learn.   Bermuda Word E-Books With Spaced Repetition Software Read Russian easily with the manual pop-up translation in context. Any new words you encounter...

Want To Tweak Your Bermuda Word E-Book?

Bermuda Word Tool Configuration The software that underlies our E-Books, if tweaked to your own learning abilities, is a powerful tool. With the Teachermode set to ON, it will take all the words you don't know and check the book to see how often you will encounter them, and then calculate how many extra times you will need to practice them to attain the correct Retention Factor.The Retention Factor is the number of times that you need to see a word's meaning before it is imprinted in your memory. Now for fast learners or students familiar with the foreign language...

Learn to Read in Russian

Adrianus Van den End

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Want To Read Chekhov In Russian? You will learn to read Russian quickly and with fun reading our Russian Fairytales and Russian Short Stories products. Even if your current vocabulary is very small, the immediate pop-up translation per word in context will make sure you can continue reading and stay immersed in the story while learning lots of new words in a relatively short time. The Bermuda Word software will help you with phonetics, both with the audio provided and the phonetic spelling in the pop-up translation. Also, when you read in Teachermode where you will have to click on words that...