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Want to Read in French?

Adrianus Van den End

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Learn up to 4000 French words in Two Weeks! The Bermuda Word software will let you read the way you like, but all the while it will store any words that you look up (in a flash and with single meanings in context, not interrupting your reading). And if you want to be sure you master up to 4000 new words when you're done, set Teachermode to ON and the words you looked up can be practiced until the software thinks you know them, and to be sure you will be tested at the end of every chapter before you can...

Learn to Read German!

Want to Learn Reading in German? This weekend we put up the German Fairytales and German Short Stories products, with which you can start reading German with Fairytales or by reading Short Stories by Kafka or the Red Baron in German with English pop-up translation! Without trouble you can master about 4000 new words after finishing all the chapters of the German Fairytales and the German Short Stories products!     German Immersion Reading a book in a foreign language is the best immersion you can have. Dozens of words are being absorbed per page. Although reading in a new language can...

Want To Tweak Your Bermuda Word E-Book?

Bermuda Word Tool Configuration The software that underlies our E-Books, if tweaked to your own learning abilities, is a powerful tool. With the Teachermode set to ON, it will take all the words you don't know and check the book to see how often you will encounter them, and then calculate how many extra times you will need to practice them to attain the correct Retention Factor.The Retention Factor is the number of times that you need to see a word's meaning before it is imprinted in your memory. Now for fast learners or students familiar with the foreign language...

Bermuda Word E-books How-To

Adrianus Van den End

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How To Use Bermuda Word Products When you just bought a Bermuda Word e-book you can start learning. But how? The tool offers a lot of freedom to choose. One way is just to go through the texts and read while picking up new words fast. Another way is to make sure that you remember new words and have the built-in Teacher make sure you encounter and/or test them enough times. Self Learning - Turn Teachermode OFF If you learn well by yourself and have the discipline to click on words you don't know and practice these yourself, you should go through the chapters freely and learn...

Learn to Read in Russian

Adrianus Van den End

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Want To Read Chekhov In Russian? You will learn to read Russian quickly and with fun reading our Russian Fairytales and Russian Short Stories products. Even if your current vocabulary is very small, the immediate pop-up translation per word in context will make sure you can continue reading and stay immersed in the story while learning lots of new words in a relatively short time. The Bermuda Word software will help you with phonetics, both with the audio provided and the phonetic spelling in the pop-up translation. Also, when you read in Teachermode where you will have to click on words that...