Bermuda Word E-books How-To

Adrianus Van den End

How To Use Bermuda Word Products

When you just bought a Bermuda Word e-book you can start learning. But how? The tool offers a lot of freedom to choose. One way is just to go through the texts and read while picking up new words fast. Another way is to make sure that you remember new words and have the built-in Teacher make sure you encounter and/or test them enough times.

Self Learning - Turn Teachermode OFF

If you learn well by yourself and have the discipline to click on words you don't know and practice these yourself, you should go through the chapters freely and learn while reading. Look up any unknown words by hovering over them with the mouse. Click on them to add them to 'My Words', and test these until mastered. Words that are tested are NOT removed from your wordlist with Teachermode OFF. Re-read the chapters until you feel you understand all the words, the sentences and the whole story.

Supervised Learning - Turn Teachermode ON

If you want some guidance you can read the book through Teacher controlled chapter progress. Read the first chapter and click any unknown words. These are added to the 'My Words' list. Test and re-test unknown words by choosing the 'My Words Test'. They will be removed from the 'My Words' list after a (per word calculated) specific number of correct tests. When you have finished a chapter please re-read, lookup unknown words and re-test them. After you feel you have mastered all the words, run the specific chapter test a number of times. If you successfully tested the chapter and 'My Words' is empty, progress to the next chapter.

N.B. If your vocabulary is still very small, advance and test words per page, or you can also first read the chapter and learn the words with Teachermode OFF and then go to supervised learning by turning Teachermode ON.