Who Are We

  • Welcome! We have been working on language products since 2006.
  • So far we have published over a 100 interlinear and/or pop-up translated e-booksWe offer e-books in more than 22 languages!
  • We believe reading, listening and repetition are the keys to learning a foreign language fluently.
  • Our interlinear and pop-up e-books will make reading in a foreign language fun while you learn!
  • Our goal is to facilitate independent and fluent reading and listening in foreign languages.



What We Offer

  • We make it possible to start reading books in a foreign language, without the hassle of looking up words all the time.
  • We make sure new vocabulary is retained efficiently, using spaced repetition software built into the e-books.
  • You will build a vocabulary that enables you to read foreign language books by yourself.
  • You will build a natural vocabulary consisting of word combinations and sentences from stories.
  • This will help you to get a strong fluency in the language of your choice.


How Do We Work

Our books consist out of authentic stories and novels in a foreign language with a word for word interlinear translation to master fluency.  You will be able to learn 5 times faster while reading fun and interesting stories. The extensive reading with interlinear or pop-up translation, in context reading and spaced repetition will quickly enhance your vocabulary and fluency.

Also, we're in favor of equal chances in life, and that entails free or subsidized education in our opinion. As of October 2016, we gave away nearly 1800 free copies of our products to people who could not afford to pay or donate. 


Extensive Reading

      • Extensive reading theory simply means you need to read a lot in a foreign language to learn it.
      • HypLern e-books, paperbacks and online books contain stories in a foreign language.
      • They enable you to read your favorite language from the start and absorb it naturally.
      • You will be reading fun fairy tales or short stories directly in the language that you want to learn.
      • Read all about Extensive Reading Here.

Pop-Up or Interlinear Translation In Context

      • The HypLern Method lets you read loads of texts with ease, because of the interlinear or pop-up translation.
      • You can read a foreign language from the start, as the interlinear or pop-up translation is immediate, correctly conjugated and in context.
      • You are learning words in the context of a story and because of that as part of a natural language scheme.
      • Read all about the advantages of Learning in Context Here.

Spaced Repetition

      • The HypLern online version allows you to test words.
      • It will know which words you won't encounter enough times in the text to memorize them and creates exercises to learn them.
      • You can set reminders to repeat difficult words at set intervals, so your learning will be effective.
      • You will notice that after you encounter new words a number of times, you will retain them in your memory.
      • Read all about Spaced Repetition Here.