Learn to Read German!

Want to Learn Reading in German?

This weekend we put up the German Fairytales and German Short Stories products, with which you can start reading German with Fairytales or by reading Short Stories by Kafka or the Red Baron in German with English pop-up translation! Without trouble you can master about 4000 new words after finishing all the chapters of the German Fairytales and the German Short Stories products!  


German Immersion

Reading a book in a foreign language is the best immersion you can have. Dozens of words are being absorbed per page. Although reading in a new language can be difficult with the Bermuda Word E-Book software you stay immersed in the story and the software will make sure you retain any new words that you encounter. Just by reading German fairytales and short stories you will be able to learn thousands of new words. This will build up your German vocabulary which will make it much easier to train your German communication skills later on.

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