Want to Read in French?

Adrianus Van den End

Learn up to 4000 French words in Two Weeks!

The Bermuda Word software will let you read the way you like, but all the while it will store any words that you look up (in a flash and with single meanings in context, not interrupting your reading). And if you want to be sure you master up to 4000 new words when you're done, set Teachermode to ON and the words you looked up can be practiced until the software thinks you know them, and to be sure you will be tested at the end of every chapter before you can start a new one.

Read French Fairytales or Maupassant and Balzac

You won't be reading about somebody checking in at a French hotel, or ordering croissants for his breakfast. You'll be reading real French texts, more than 150 pages, and more than 10,000 words of Fairytales in French, more text and new words each one manually translated in context. And when you finish that, go for serious and read more than 150 pages and nearly 10,000 words of short stories by Maupassant or Balzac in the Bermuda Word French Shortstories product.

Extensive reading with Bermuda Word e-books is the best method to learn new words in context. It's fun as you're just reading and it's efficient as the software makes you practice ONLY the words you don't know and makes sure you remember them.

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