Bermuda Word Reviews

"I've been struggling with trying to learn French for many years because of the usual excuses of time constraints, career and lack of motivation. I have, and I'm sure many other people have, dreams of having some sort of app or software that offers instant lookup and audio for the longest time. You have made our dreams come true with this software and app of yours. A very big thank you to you." *****


"Couldn't get more convenient than this!" *****


"I can pick up with my High School French and start reading a classic!" *****


"The pop up translation is so fast (...) unknown words don't break immersion." *****


"(...) I think you have a great product that is needed for those trying to improve their French." *****


"Tried to read a Spanish book after the course I bought but failed. Your product actually helps me to start reading Spanish!" *****


"The combination of reading those Dutch stories (...) and practicing my new found words is ideal for me (...)" *****