Free or Donate

Our Goal

As stated on the About page we aim to make these e-books so you can fluently read and understand a foreign language with a set amount of material (15,000 to 50,000 words) in a defined period (30-60 hours). However, to find and edit the stories, to set up and format the e-books, to have every word translated in them correctly and with explanatory annotations where necessary by professional translators, and to add audio, costs money. That's why we are setting this thing up as a shop.

Free Education

However, we're in favor of equal chances in life, and that entails free or subsidized education in our opinion. So if you're unable to support our goal financially but are enthousiastic about learning to read a foreign language please contact us and ask for a free copy. As of July 2016, we gave away nearly 1500 free copies of our products to people who could not afford to pay or donate. 


If you think our prices are too high, donate 5 dollars with this product, and get a discount to buy any product for free (so as a token of gratitude from us for your donation of five dollars, actually) after that. If you think this free education is a good thing and want to support us in it, and you want to donate more, just go wild on buying our products ;-) Thanks!