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Find free audio for our French books!

Janine De Vries

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Find free audio for our French books!

Find here on our site! You can find free audio for almost all of our books on the internet, on sites like They have works from classic authors like Maupassant or Zola. For your ease we compiled the free audio and offer them for free on our site as well. Check out all the mp3s now under the French collection, click the link above. We will add more soon. For example, the audio for the book Arsene Lupin - Gentleman-Cambrioleur you still have to get here: With your support we can create more interlinear language books and for books...

Learn French with Le Grand Meaulnes

Learn French with Le Grand Meaulnes
Learn French with our first full fledged novel, the number 9 on the top 100 of world literature of Le Monde, Le Grand Meaulnes. We added an interlinear French to English word for word translation and idiom where necessary. This paperback is perfect to read for those who want to extensively practice their French reading.

Learn To Read French With French Beginners Stories

Adrianus Van den End

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New Product Added To Bermuda Word E-Books We added another product to the Bermuda Word e-books library, French Beginners Stories. There's now more than 6000 unique French words in total to learn using our e-books. Read and learn French with fun and ease! Although we call this Beginner Stories it has a lot of new words, and to start out with French Fairytales is the easier story (see our 15 August article on version 3.0 of Bermuda Word software).   Why Is This E-Book A Very Good Way To Begin French Reading It has pop-up translation in context, manually created...

Learn French By Reading French Fairy Tales

New French Vocabulary Fast And Easy When you read you pick up a lot of new words. With manually created immediate pop-up English translation reading will be very fast, even with a lot of unknown words. And the spaced interval reminder software in the e-book allows you to remember 100% of the new words. Reading French can be as easy as that. Even as a beginner you can still read on because not one word needs to be looked up. The software will make sure you remember every new word, by using timed practice sessions in between the reading to imprint...

Learn To Read With Manual Pop-Up Translation

    Learn A Language By Reading The best way to learn a language is to read it. If you're short on vocab, that might be difficult. Unless, it's manually pop-up translated. No slow select-the-word-wait-and-see-half-translation, I mean immediate and correct pop-up translation. That will allow you to go through texts fast. Reading is the best way to learn new words as you encounter them as part of a story, which is the natural way for your brain to retain information. In fact, the "retention factor" also has to do with the number of times that new information is "met", and...

Want to Read in French?

Adrianus Van den End

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Learn up to 4000 French words in Two Weeks! The Bermuda Word software will let you read the way you like, but all the while it will store any words that you look up (in a flash and with single meanings in context, not interrupting your reading). And if you want to be sure you master up to 4000 new words when you're done, set Teachermode to ON and the words you looked up can be practiced until the software thinks you know them, and to be sure you will be tested at the end of every chapter before you can...

Want To Tweak Your Bermuda Word E-Book?

Bermuda Word Tool Configuration The software that underlies our E-Books, if tweaked to your own learning abilities, is a powerful tool. With the Teachermode set to ON, it will take all the words you don't know and check the book to see how often you will encounter them, and then calculate how many extra times you will need to practice them to attain the correct Retention Factor.The Retention Factor is the number of times that you need to see a word's meaning before it is imprinted in your memory. Now for fast learners or students familiar with the foreign language...