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Arsene Lupin: Gentleman Thief is a classic novel by Maurice Leblanc, first published in 1905. In it, the titular character is a gentleman thief and master of disguise who uses his physical prowess, savviness, and good humor to outsmart the police and wealthy targets alike. It has become one of the most popular works of French literature and has inspired numerous other works of art and literature, including films and theater adaptations.

The character of Arsene Lupin captures the imagination with his chivalry, wit, intelligence, and charm. He's a master of disguise who can easily blend into high society without detection while being pursued by the law. At the same time, he is not content to simply steal from those he sees as having too much; he frequently aids those who are poor or in need of help. This makes Arsene Lupin an archetypal antihero—a complicated figure who does criminal acts for valiant reasons.


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