Learn to Read in Russian

Adrianus Van den End

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Want To Read Chekhov In Russian? You will learn to read Russian quickly and with fun reading our Russian Fairytales and Russian Short Stories products. Even if your current vocabulary is very small, the immediate pop-up translation per word in context will make sure you can continue reading and stay immersed in the story while learning lots of new words in a relatively short time. The Bermuda Word software will help you with phonetics, both with the audio provided and the phonetic spelling in the pop-up translation. Also, when you read in Teachermode where you will have to click on words that...


Adrianus Van den End

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Start Your Foreign Language Reading Here! Dear customer, Bermuda Word welcomes you into our shop. From today onwards you are able to learn reading foreign languages with fun and ease. At the opening of the shop we have twelve languages available to start reading but only two uploaded, Spanish and Swedish. We will follow up in the coming months with Dutch, English (for Dutch speakers), French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian. Our software guides you through the book, lets you look up any meanings in a flash and helps you memorize these by storing the words that you have trouble with. The number of...