Learn German fast and easy with Interlinear Books

Theodor Storm is a 19th century German author known for his short stories and novels. One of his most beloved works is "Immensee", a novella set in the windswept landscapes of Schleswig-Holstein.

The story follows an old man, Reinhard Werner, who dedicated his life to gathering old stories and songs, and is interspersed with flashbacks on his life and the love of his life. He left the girl he grew up with, Elisabeth, to study in the city and work on his collection of stories and told her to wait for him. But his life as a student and his studies may take too much of their time.

The story was written in 1849 and quickly gained widespread popularity throughout Germany. It has since been translated into many languages and adapted into film several times over the years.


Best way to learn German just by reading

HypLern recently announced a new interlinear version of Immensee which makes it easier for readers to understand its complex German syntax. This version is available free on their website and provides both the original German text and corresponding English translation side by side.

If you’re looking to read this classic work, you can purchase Theodor Storm: Immensee from Amazon right here or order it at any other major bookstore. Thanks to HypLern’s recent contribution, readers now have unprecedented access to this beautiful narrative no matter what language they speak!