Learn German with part 1 of the novel Every Man Dies Alone

Hans Fallada was one of the most influential German writers of the twentieth-century. His 1947 novel, Every Man Dies Alone, is a revered classic of post-war literature. The story follows two ordinary working class people, Otto and Anna Quangel, in their desperate attempt to resist Nazi rule during the Second World War. Despite its semi-autobiographical nature, Fallada’s work has been praised for its gritty realism and unvarnished portrayal of life under fascism.

HypLern recently published an interlinear version of this book from German to English. This edition allows readers to easily follow the flow of Fallada’s original text while simultaneously reading its translation in English. By making this edition available, HypLern has enabled people from different cultural backgrounds to access and appreciate this important work for the first time.

Every Man Dies Alone is both a gripping tale of courage and defiance as well as a powerful testament to the brutality of totalitarianism. It provides an insight into how everyday citizens were affected by Nazi Germany's oppressive rule as well as how even small acts of resistance can make a difference in times of crisis. Although it was written almost 75 years ago, its themes remain relevant today and stand out as an important reminder of human resilience in times of struggle.


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