Learn A New Language!

Yearning To Be Reading That Foreign Language?

Choose a language you want to learn to read and Buy one of our software products. The product will guide you to the book and will help you read in a foreign language. It wil also make sure that any words you look up will be practiced or seen again later so you will retain them in your memory.

Did you follow a language course but now you want to become a fluent reader of that language? Don't want to stop at being able to read a menu or a basic chat room message in a foreign language?

You want to read Chekhov in Russian? Go ahead and buy our Russian Short Stories. Or want to read fluently in Spanish? Begin with our Spanish Fairytales. Want to learn read Stieg Larsson's Millenium series in Swedish? Train your Swedish vocabulary with Swedish Fairytales and Swedish Short Stories.


Intelligent Language Learning Software

The software underlying our e-books gives you the translations for every word in a flash, so you don't spend time looking for them. Then on top of that the program has a Teachermode which will store the words you don't know and which will calculate the number of times you will need to "meet" that word so you will remember it.

Research shows that every new word needs to be "met" a specific number of times before it becomes imprinted on your memory. Let's call it the "retention factor". When following "old-style" language courses you either practice a lot of words unnecessarily much or too little to remember them in the long term, so that the number of new words you learn is only 50% of what the course offers you, and you do it in twice the time.

When you read our books in your chosen language you will either "meet" new words again in the text or the software will make you practice it enough times so that the "retention factor" is met. This gives you towards a 100% retention of new words in a much shorter time than old style courses can offer.