HypLern - Learn Danish With The Snow Queen - Free MP3s


HypLern - Learn Danish With The Snow Queen - Free MP3s
  • For use with your Danish PDF or Kindle e-book or HypLern paperback!
  • So you can practice listening as well
  • For beginners and more advanced students
  • Learn up to thousands of new words

Listen to the Danish classic The Snow Queen for beginners and advanced readers by Hans Christian Andersen in Danish for use with the interlinear translation in context that we have on offer here and on Amazon. Listen to the stories while reading the texts, or listen to the stories' mp3 only when you've expanded your knowledge of the vocabulary enough. This is a fast and easy process as the interlinear word for word translation makes looking up and learning at least five times faster than with regular readers or books. If you want an online Web App with integrated reading and listening and word practice, consider our HypLern website https://hyplern.com

Contents: 100+ pages of audio in MP3 format

Specifications: Product supplied As Digital Download

Requirements: Any device that can play an MP3

If you don't want an account with us to keep up to date with our interlinear products, just use the download link below:

HypLern - Learn Danish with The Snow Queen - Free MP3s - download

N.B. This is not our audio, you can find it for free on the In-ter-net !

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