HypLern - Learn Polish with Beginner Stories - Interlinear PDF and separate Audio


  • Practice your Polish reading and listening
  • For beginners and advanced students
  • Learn up to 2600 new words
  • PDF, Epub and Mobi file and mp3's

Read authentic Polish fairytales in Polish with an interlinear translation in context. Re-read the stories until you understand most of it. Then go over them and use your reader App (for example the Kindle App) to mark the words you don't know. Re-read the paragraphs with marked words every (few) day(s) until you have memorized them. You now know over 2600 new Polish words! Same for the audio, listen while reading and you'll learn to understand Polish superfast!

Contents: 80+ pages of interlinear word-for-word translated text

Specifications: Product supplied As Digital Download

Requirements: Any device that can view a PDF, Epub, Mobi and play an MP3

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Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

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