For Whom

This Product Can Be Used By Beginners or more Advanced Readers

If you have a grasp of the grammar and a base vocabulary, you can start reading our e-books. And you will learn fast. The way the e-books are set up and the underlying software will make sure that you can pick up a huge new vocabulary in a very short time, while reading fun and interesting Fairytales or Short Stories in the language of your choice.

Because of the immediate pop-up translation in context that keeps you in the story, you only have to read a sentence once before continueing. Because it is not a drudge to reread the story and you will grasp more words every time you do, this will strengthen your vocabulary fast and easy. For the words that are difficult to remember the software will make sure that if you don't encounter them enough in the text you will practice them enough times to keep them retained in your memory.