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Kees Van den End

Learn German with Literature - Immensee by Theodor Storm

4.9 out of 5 Stars

Immensee is a story about an old man, reflecting on his life and the love he always cherished for a childhood friend.

It is on a par with some of the French Romantic stories we carry, a drama only the authors from the 19th century could conjure.

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Best way to learn German by reading

Do you want to learn German with authentic German Literature? It's easy with German and interlinear English. 125+ pages with every word translated so you can keep on reading.This book contains the story 'Immensee' from classic German author Theodor Storm who also wrote 'Der Schimmelreiter' (The Rider on the White Horse).We have added an interlinear translation to the German text. This means that the meaning of every German word is immediately accessible, which in turn will make it much easier for you to expand your German vocabulary fast. This is a unique method enabling you to read German from the start.

How to learn German fast and easy

Use the HypLern method to learn to read German with ease and expand your vocabulary fast. Re-read the texts to learn the high frequency words.

Then mark and learn the more difficult words until you master those by re-reading their paragraphs. The repetition and the association of the story will help you memorize the words.

Feel free to reach out for a PDF version that you can import on your Kindle device. Finally, we have a HypLern Reader website that integrates reading with word practice, for more learning options.