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Use your iOS phone or tablet, Android or Windows smart phone, or keep to PC or Mac  The new App we built is cross-platform and supports all devices. For test purposes it's currently live on Android and Windows and Amazon Fire. Here's a .gif video showing the new option between interlinear and pop-up, or pop-up interlinear with the new buttons:  

Learn French With Pop-up Translation And Interlinear E-Books

Adrianus Van den End

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A Quick Look At Our Books In Pop-Up Format This includes options to test Chapter words or spaced repetition of words you didn't know. A Quick Look At The Interlinear Format Of Our E-Books We're thinking about adding a low frequency word list and spaced repetition practice schedule to the Interlinear E-books as well. Tell us what you think! A Quick Look At The Interlinear Format Of Our E-Books Our new HypLern App is available! It allows for interlinear, interlinear on-demand or pop-up French reading, and has integrated word practice as well :) Reader App with interlinear or pop-up format...