Tips On How To Go About Learning French

Learning French can be Fast, Fun and Easy

The best way and the most fun way to learn French is by reading it. There is no other method introducing you to all the aspects of language in an entertaining manner which is better than reading. When your reading is supported by immediate pop-up translation, the reading remains fast and immersive. The consequence is also that the meaning of a lot of new words is learned. To retain this knowledge automated repetitive testing should be added to the mix, ideally spaced repetition. This makes the retention of new words in the memory easy as well, the book you're reading remembers which words you still have to test to retain them in your memory. This is the Bermuda Word Method. Fun, Fast and Easy.

Easy Learning of French Grammar

If you have no clue what grammar is, first get an idea of grammatical components in general. Then check what French grammar is about at a high level. Look at a few examples of conjugations or grammatical peculiarities. At that moment you can start reading in French, and learning new words. Because you will see the meaning of the word you will know whether it has been subjected to a grammatical rule. If you have learned "avoir", "to have", and you meet "avait" and see its meaning "had", you know that its root was "avoir" and it has been conjugated. Next time if you see another form of "avoir", for example, "j'avais", you might not even have to look up the meaning because you recognize it's root "to have" and you know "j' (from 'je')" means "I" so you can deduce it means "I had". The coming weeks we'll speak about below topics, so keep checking this page:

Grammatical Components

High Level Grammar Overview