Bermuda Word method versus the old ways

When asking buyers of Bermuda Word products why they love us, they come up with these important reasons: More new words mastered. Faster learning. More fun and fulfilling. And much easier than any other method.

There are many products out there that will enable you to order your meal in that Italian restaurant or reserve a room with garden view in a hotel abroad. When you finished one of our products you will be able to read a book in a foreign language, which is the ultimate challenge in Language Learning.

Why will you be able to read a book? Because you're already reading a book in a foreign language on page one of our Bermuda Word products. Because of how easy and fast it is with the immediate pop-up translation. And because of the number of new words that you learn in that way with a Bermuda Word product compared to any other product.


The Number of Words

A regular course offers only a limited number of words to learn, even on advanced level. Most of them are designed to teach you to get by in a particular language, not to fully understand it. Some might have a lot of words, but poor you will have to learn these through a 1001 practice sessions. And you'll end up with 1000s of loose words and sentences in your head. In comparison, a book by default has loads and loads of words. It's the trademark of most books. And they're all connected by the story.

Product Name Number of Words No Context, Sentences, or Stories  Spaced Repetition  Price
Rosetta Stone 2500 None or sentences No $ 250+
Pimsleur 200 Sentences Yes $ 250+
Teach Yourself 1000 Sentences or short text No $ 25
Bermuda Word 2000 - 5000 Sentences in Story Yes $ 29 - $39


For the rest the difference with the Bermuda Word method is that it combines learning through reading a story with spaced repetition systems, so that any new words are retained in memory.

For the importance of learning words in the context of sentences and more importantly a story go to this Blog article.


Faster Learning

Other products have for example 20 chapters filled with tedious texts, a lot of confusing grammar remarks, and a study timeline of months to get through all this. Do you know the grammar of your own language? We advise everyone to have a grasp of the grammar, but only to be able to see the difference between past and present time, or acknowledge the particular differences between the grammar of your native language and that of the foreign language you're trying to learn. A grammar quick look-up sheet would be great for that. For the rest the detailed grammar rules of the language will come out once you are reading books in that language. Because we skip the "lessons" bit and just let you read fun stories the learning will be much faster. The software of the e-books notes down any words you don't know and makes sure you have stored them permanently in your memory before progressing to the next chapter. In fact you're learning dozens of words every page in a natural way, which is so much easier and faster for your brain than by just repeating them from a word list in a text book. You are acquiring language, which is much easier than actively having to learn it.

For an article on the Acquisition-learning hypothesis go to this Wiki article.


More Fun and more Fulfilling

When starting a Bermuda Word product you're thrown into the deep from page one. You're reading that Foreign Language. That's more fun than reading about how to order a steak or a spaghetti, or even about some language course protagonist detective solving the case of the missing leter "t". You're reading French, Spanish, Italian or Russian Fairytales that have been read and retold by French, Spanish, Italian and Russian people for ages. And you can continue with the fast learning reading classic stories by famous authors that are part of the French, Spanish, Italian or Russian cultural heritage.

After finishing a Bermuda Word product you actually feel like you master the language and you have fulfilled something. You read your first book in a Foreign Language. And that's the first step to reading more books. You will be able to read Mario Vargas Llosa in Spanish or Chekhov in Russian and Mulisch's "The Discovery of Heaven" in Dutch.