The Bermuda Word Method

A New Method Of Language Learning?

The Bermuda Word Method is summed up by three words: Fun, Flexible, Fast. It's not all new. It just uses the best known language learning techniques out there..

Fun Reading

The Bermuda Word Method lets you read that Foreign Language from the start. You are reading fun Fairytales or Short Stories directly in the language that you want to learn. Fast reading in a Foreign Language is the best way for Fast Learning of a Foreign Language because you are immersed in the language itself. Read all about Extensive Reading Here.

Flexible Repetition

The Bermuda Word Method is suited to your personal learning style as it will remember the words you don't know and calculate how much you need to test them based on how good you are at remembering words. No unnecessary testing, the software will let you know when it's enough. You will notice that after you encounter new words a number of times, you will retain them in your memory. Read all about Spaced Repetition Here.

Fast Learning

The Bermuda Word Method lets you read loads of texts. You are not deciphering a code, you are reading a Foreign Language, as the pop-up translation is immediate, correctly conjugated and in context. You are learning words in the context of a story. Read all about the advantages of Learning in Context Here.

The Bermuda Word Method Equals Efficient Learning

Using the Bermuda Word Method you will quickly gain a large vocabulary in a fun way. This will enable you to read and listen and ultimately speak the foreign language of your choice. And with a much wider sense of understanding and choice of words than any regular course or other method could do for you.

Fast Extensive Reading of Advanced Material

The best way to pick up new words and store them in your brain as part of an organic language scheme is through reading. Bermuda Word offers fast reading of large texts through the immediate pop-up translation which is correct, conjugated and in context.

Root And Story based Word Enhanced Learning

The smallest component of a language is a root, it is the most basic part that forms the language. The largest is a whole story, which is the thing that comes closest to what a language is. Both are used to support learning new vocabulary with the Bermuda Word method. Learn about Root Learning here.

Spaced Repetition System

Any new words that you encounter will be remembered by the e-book and interjected in tests enough times for you to remember them.

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