Read and Learn Polish Without Ever Looking up a Word

Adrianus Van den End

Learn Polish with Beginner Stories

Finally our books are out in paperback format! Now you can enjoy learning Polish just by reading with a copy of our material in print, starting with the Beginner Stories.

Stories from Polish legends and fairy tales have been bundled and manually translated word for word to help you to learn Polish fast and easy, expanding your vocabulary just by reading and reading again until you memorize words, sentences and the whole structure of Polish language.

These stories in contemporary Polish also teach you about Polish nation building and the Polish mentality and culture. Using the word for word translation in interlinear format means you can stay immersed in the text.

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Learning Polish was never so easy - using a word for word interlinear translation!


Learn Polish with Short Stories

If you have read and reread the Beginner Stories using the HypLern method, you are ready to continue with Learn Polish with Short Stories. Now it's out in paperback format, which means you can learn Polish just by reading with a physical copy of our book.

Read stories by famous Polish authors Henryk Sienkiewicz, Bolesław Prus and Maria Konopnicka in Polish and stay immersed in the story because looking up words is a thing of the past with the interlinear manually added word for word translation.

Read and reread the stories until you memorize the words, the paragraphs and the structure of Polish language, and you have been empowered to start reading Polish stories and books on your own.

The HypLern method helps you from a basic level of understanding Polish that you reach during or after a course, just by reading, to get you to a level where you can read Polish by yourself.

Try out the HypLern method and learn Polish just by immersive reading of interlinear stories in Polish