Read and Learn Danish from Day One

Adrianus Van den End

Danish with a word for word manually added translation

If you want to learn Danish and have fun at the same time, add the HypLern method to your studies. You can read Danish to expand your vocabulary, and learn new words while never having to use a dictionary or an index. Keep reading immersive and fun, what it's meant to be.

With an interlinear word for word translation you can keep reading and re-reading until you are well on your way to independent reading. The literal meaning of all words has been manually added by translators, and where needed to understand a sentence, the English idiom has been provided as well.

We have linked to one free pdf here, the Danish Beginner Stories, so you can try out the method. Check out what the book looks like inside, or look for more Danish interlinear e-books and paperbacks here on Amazon!


Learn Danish easily by reading without needing to look up words

Learn Danish with The Little Mermaid

Read the famous story of the little mermaid in Danish from day one, without needing to look up any words.

This is the original version of the story written by Hans Christian Andersen, and ends less happily than the Hollywood version, but is a better read.

Read and re-read the chapters until you know most of the words, then mark and practice the more difficult words separately.


Learn Danish with the famous story of the snow queen and read Danish from day one expanding your vocabulary fast.

Learn Danish with The Snow Queen

This is the story of the Snow Queen in its original Danish, and can be read by beginners in Danish without ever having to look up a word.

Every Danish word has an English manually added meaning under it, so you can stay immersed in reading.

The story is about a girl named Gerda, who looses her friend Kay to a curse of the Snow Queen.


Learn Danish with the smart way of learning, just by reading and expanding your vocabulary.

Learn Danish with Beginner Stories

This new book available in e-book and paperback format contains stories in interlinear Danish to English format, where you can start reading in Danish from day one, without the need of ever looking up a word.

The stories go up in size throughout the book so you can start off easy. Read and re-read each story until you know most of the words and then practice any low frequency words.


Read an example and let yourself be convinced that reading in interlinear format will teach you Danish fast and easy.

Learn Danish with Short Stories

This e-book and paperback contains short stories in Danish, that have been manually translated word for word to English, so you can read on without the need of an (online) dictionary.

Start off with the first stories that are limited in size, and read and re-read them to learn the high frequency Danish words without any trouble. Then go on to the larger chapters and you'll see that they're easier to read already.

If you read and learned Danish from our other books first, reading this book will be much easier and you can focus on the more difficult words from the start.