Learn to read Swedish with Interlinear translations

Janine De Vries

Word for word interlinear Swedish to English

If you're trying to learn Swedish, even if you're at the end of the course, chances are you still can't just pick up a Swedish book and read. If you want to expand your Swedish vocabulary and read Swedish stories at the same time, don't look further.

You can keep studying Swedish fun with an interlinear word for word translation, that helps you to read on without having to look up words. If a sentence is particularly vexing in Swedish, we added English idiom to make it easier for you. Keep reading fun and immersive!

We have linked to one free pdf here, the Swedish Beginner Stories, so you can try out the method. As a beginner you can also easily read the other Swedish books, as they have an interlinear word for word translation, so your current vocabulary is never an issue! We have five Swedish interlinear books right now, so you can get well on the way to independent reading if you read and re-read them all, then study the difficult words separately. Check out what the free book looks like inside, or look for more Swedish interlinear e-books and paperbacks here on Amazon!



Learn Swedish with More Beginner Stories and Starter Texts

Learn Swedish with More Beginner Stories

This is the second Swedish e-book / paperback for beginners, which you can get right here. Read through the chapters and learn high frequency words just by reading. The word for word interlinear translation helps you to stay immersed in the text.



Learn Swedish with word for word manually translated beginner stories

Learn Swedish with Beginner Stories

This is the first Swedish e-book / paperback for beginners, and it includes free mp3s here in case you decide to support us and get the book from Amazon. Start learning Swedish and expanding your Swedish vocabulary just by reading these tales about trolls and elves from Swedish culture. Stay immersed in reading instead of looking up words. And if you want the paperback version, or if you want to support our project, get it here please :)



Study the Swedish Language fast and easy - read Swedish from day one - no need to look up words

Learn Swedish with Short Stories

This is the first e-book / paperback with Swedish Short Stories, written by Hasse Zetterström, for more advanced readers, although with the word for word translation it would not be difficult for a beginner to go through this book. It's also got free mp3s to go :) Expand your Swedish vocabulary by reading in Swedish from day one, without the need to look up words. If you would like the paperback version, or if you want to support our project, get the book here please :)



Baron Olson and other stories - A Fast and Easy Way to Learn Swedish just by Reading from Day One

Learn Swedish with Baron Olson and Other Stories

This is another e-book / paperback with Swedish short stories, from author Sigge Strömberg. The stories are entertaining and fun, and with the word for word manually added interlinear translation, they're easy to read for students from a beginner, through to an intermediate, to an advanced level. Support us and we'll be able to pay for voice overs here as well :) Get the paperback edition, or the Kindle one for non-paperwhite fixed readers like pc's, laptops or tablets, right here on Amazon.



HypLern - Learn Swedish with A Case of Booze and other stories - Expand your Swedish vocabulary fast and easy

Learn Swedish with A Case of Booze and Other Stories

Another fun and entertaining book from Sigge Strömberg with word for word translated stories that allow you to read Swedish from day one, and stay immersed, without looking up words. The stories are for all level of students, and if you finished five of our books, you're well on your way to independent reading of Swedish :) Go here to get this book in Kindle or paperback format and support the HypLern project!