Learn Hungarian Just By Reading

Janine De Vries

Learn Hungarian with Fairy Tales

Hungarian culture mixed with Austrian and German literature to produce these interesting, funny and easy to begin with Hungarian stories for beginners and advanced readers.

The interlinear word for word translation makes expanding your vocabulary fast and easy, because you don't need to stop reading to look up words, they're right there, unobtrusively hidden under the original Hungarian. Now the HypLern eBooks we had are available as paperbacks as well on Amazon!

Learn Hungarian with Fairy Tales will help you on your way fast to read Hungarian literature. Check out our HypLern Hungarian Reader App as well for Windows, Android (Google and Amazon app stores) and iTunes (Apple).

Learn Hungarian with HypLern readers and expand your vocabulary fast and easy

Learn Hungarian with Short Stories

After reading through Learn Hungarian with Fairy Tales you choose to check some Hungarian language Grimm stories on the Gutenberg site. If you reread the Learn Hungarian with Fairy Tales enough times, and also memorized the more difficult low frequency words, you should be able to read these pretty easily and practice your reading skills.

However, you can also go and take Learn Hungarian with Short Stories immediately and using the immediate interlinear lookup go through the stories one by one and reread them until you memorize most of the words.


The book contains short stories from Hungarian literature and shows an insight into elements of Hungarian culture such as the Betyár (Hungarian outlaw), the Hungarian love for horses, to Hungarian traditional dress. They're also richly accompanied by images from Hungarian painters or Austrian-Germanic painters depicting Hungarian culture.

In other words, learn Hungarian just by reading and enjoying the stories and images, and even the free audio going with it :)


Learning German with a word for word translation compared to other methods is the number one