Learn Galician just by reading

Adrianus Van den End

Read Galician from day one

Are you trying to learn Galician and would you like to read Galician without a dictionary, while expanding your Galician vocabulary fast? That's possible now with HypLern's "Learn Galician with Beginner Stories", which you can find right here on Amazon!

The book contains Galician classic stories from folklore and myth, or fun historical facts. We have added a word for word translation to the texts so that you never have to look up a word and can stay immersed in reading.


The HypLern Method

Interlinear texts have been around for thousands of years, but were until recently only available for classical languages like Greek and Latin. Now instead of having to read bland readers or foreign literature with a dictionary in hand, you can read in the foreign language of your choice without the need of looking up words, while expanding your vocabulary fast and easy.

The HypLern method simply consists of reading and re-reading the book, or by chapter, and learning high and medium frequency words just like that, while then marking difficult low frequency words and re-reading those paragraphs separately. The association of the story helps memorization and this method allows you to master a lot of words in a fun way :)

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