Learn French with Beginner Stories and Fairy Tales now in Paperback format

Adrianus Van den End

Interlinear Paperbook Editions

If you're interested in learning French, and want to start with reading from day one without needing to look up words, these are the books for you. Simple but original French stories with a word for word interlinear French translation. A lot of words are memorized automatically just by reading, as you will encounter them on every page (for example with articles or personal pronouns) or in every chapter (often used words about weather or certain actions like do, go, eat, walk, etc). Other more rare words you can mark with a pencil (always be nice to your books) and repeat by yourself by re-reading their paragraphs every day.

Here is the link to "Learn French - Beginner Stories", and here is the link to the paperback version of "Learn French with Fairytales", for your convenience!



Learn French with Beginner Stories

This paperback has a story for every letter in the (French) alphabet. "Âne" is a short tale about dealing with bullies, "Bélier" relates about a girl who keeps forgetting to close the door behind her and this way lets the ram into the house, "Canard" is the well known story about the ugly duckling, "Demoiselle" is a paragraph about why dragonflies are called "miss" in French, "Escargot" is a story about two snails trying to find a wife for their son, "Fourmi" continues this story as the ants come to the rescue, "Gâteau" is about the best way to divide a cake, "Hirondelle" tells about swallows, "Ibis" about... yes, an Ibis, "Jouets" is a story about how sticks are a cheap and better substitute for expensive toys, and "Kangourou" is about the famous antipodian creature jumping around on two legs, "Loup" the story about the Wolf and the seven kids, "Moineau" about sparrows and a cat trying to catch them, "Neige" about snow, "Oreille" a story with a wink placed in Noah's ark, "Pois" the story about the Princess and the pea, "Queue" a story about a rat family, "Rossignol" is the story of the Emperor and the Nightingale, "Sapin" about a travelling tree, "Tortue" about a race between tortoises, "Univers" the story about the term Universe, "Violettes" is a story about the Violet, "Xavier" about a boy that wants it all, "Yvonne" relates about a girl who just can't sit still at the table, with some very serious consequences, and finally, "Zero" just sums up that if you don't learn, you're a ...


Simply expanding your vocabulary by reading a thorough translation!


Learn French with Fairy Tales

"Contes de Fées - Tales of Fairies" is an interlinear French to English word for word translation that contains a number of French fairytales. This paperback is the best starter for French as it starts off with short and simple stories and expands its vocabulary and the number of pages per story towards the end. It also repeats a lot of the base vocabulary so we'd even advise reading this book before the "Learn French - Beginner Stories" paperback.

Success with reading French, only possible with interlinear French to English word for word translations, from day one!