Learn French through reading combined with flash cards

Adrianus Van den End

Do You Want To Read French?

Here's your chance. Read French Fairy Tales or Short Stories by Maupassant, Balzac or Zola with every word having a word for word interlinear translation.

Even with a small vocabulary it's easy to read the French text because of the fast and immersive translation.

Check out the example below and see how easy it is to read the interlinear. Too easy you say? Cover the words with a piece of paper and only take a peek if you don't know the word:

Learn a language with interlinear text


Learn Vocabulary With Spaced Repetition

The reading and re-reading teaches you the high and medium frequency words in the text because you encounter and look them up again and again.

This means you're studying efficiently. For low frequency more difficult words, just mark them in your eBook or paperback and re-read only those paragraphs. Or practice in our software on

Going through your list of flash cards every day is extremely fast that way, and way more immersive and fun than having physical or digital cards of single words or single sentences.

No look up time, no time needed to create flash cards and extremely fast flash card checking, it all means you're learning to read French very, very fast...

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