Interlinear French E-Books and Paperbacks

Janine De Vries

Learn French Just By Reading

If you like reading, being able to expand your vocabulary of a language while reading sounds great. That is, without having to grab a dictionary or having to search through alternative meanings of an online dictionary every other sentence.

Having an interlinear word for word translation means that there's no need to look up words, and you can stay immersed in reading. A translator manually did the work of looking up for you, and added a literal and idiomatic meaning of the words and the sentence, if necessary.

For fans of interlinear word for word material in French we created a list of books including free ones, for which we will provide the link.


List of Interlinear Material


Learn French with Beginner Stories

French classic beginner stories based on the letters of the alphabet, ranging from Ane (donkey) via Loup (wolf) to Zero (zero).





Interlinear word for word translations are the best way to learn French

Learn French with 'Masked Love'

A surprisingly modern classic about a young woman tries to go it alone. It ends a little more old fashioned ;)





Learn French with interlinear word for word translated fairy talesLearn French with Fairy Tales

Good old fairy tales with a lot of repetition that will help you get a great base vocabulary, and which include audio for reading and listening practice.





For French students who would like to try interlinear learning

Learn French with Romantic Stories

    Romantic stories from French literature, with a twist :) 






    Texts with every word translated are a lot easier to read.

    Learn French with Short Stories

    Funny and dramatic short stories from French literature.