HypLern Online rare languages: Sardinian

Janine De Vries

Read Sardinian on!

If you always wanted to read Sardinian, find it on

On the online reader site you can find books are for beginners and more advanced readers, and now also in Sardinian.

Read in Sardinian with the meaning of every word under the original, or with a pop-up if you prefer.

Read Sardinian with an interlinear or popup English translation on

Icelandic and Afrikaans

That's right! You read that correctly. We're getting those languages as well on Hyplern Online.

Others that will follow, Arabic, we already have Urdu, Hindi will be there as well.

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In any case, the online site offers downloads as well, for pdfs, epubs, mobi's and even mp3s, if you decide to support HypLern with a lifetime membership! Now only $89.99 instead of the value $289.99. Find the kickstarter discount here!

The downloadable ebooks are still in interlinear format of course but you will have access to all the pop-up material for them as well. Just to be sure, only valid for a short time!

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