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Kees Van den End

Is there any Pop-up material?

Many of you have been asking for the old pop-up version of the material or new material in pop-up format. So we've been busy for you :)

Now you can get all our published books and more on! By default the site shows all books in interlinear format, but it's easy to set pop-up view, OR just link to it using #popup hashtag at the end of the url.

On the site it's easy to see which books are for beginners, and for more advanced readers. You can also view the books with the same covers as they have here in the shop or on Amazon, in case you're using the Kindle or paperback for reading, and the site for practice.

HypLern Online pop-up books to learn language fast and easy


Flash Card or Multiple Choice

That's right! You read that correctly. You can use the site for vocabulary practice. If you used your Kindle or paperback version to read and re-read the material, but want to learn those pesky difficult words, you can use the site to just click them and add them into your wordlist, and then practice them using flash cards or multiple choice.

For example, read the book in interlinear or pop-up format online, and each time you don't know a word, you click it. If you are in interlinear view mode, you'll see that the words you clicked are marked red. Now that I mention it, I should probably add that same feature to the pop-up view :)

Then in your wordlist, or on your dashboard, if you have more than ten clicked words, you can press the test icon and boom, you're off to your flashcard or multiple choice practice, whatever suits you better.

 HypLern online flash card practice


HypLern Online Lifetime Membership

In any case, the online site offers downloads as well, for pdfs, epubs, mobi's and even mp3s, if you decide to support HypLern with a lifetime membership! Now only $89.99 instead of the value $289.99. Find the kickstarter discount here!

The downloadable ebooks are still in interlinear format of course but you will have access to all the pop-up material for them as well. Just to be sure, only valid for a short time!

HypLern books to learn languages fast and easy