French Interlinear Books

Is there any French interlinear material?

If you're learning a language, the most important part is acquiring a large vocabulary. The only way to get a large vocabulary fast is by reading books. Hence for every language you can find graded readers.

However, graded readers only feed you new words every so often. That's because there is a limit to people's capabilities of understanding obtuse foreign texts. If a beginner language learner just grabs any book, he'll have to look up words in a dictionary so often that the reading becomes a huge chore.

Not so with interlinear texts. With interlinear books there is a translation under every word. If there is double line interlinear there even will be idiomatic explanations of difficult sentences.

Sounds handy, is there anything available in French?

Interlinear books in French

There is a ton of material out there to learn French. However, all courses only teach you a limited amount of vocabulary. Yes you can go out there and communicate, but that will only buy you a small percentage of all the words that are used in French, and also at a slow rate. If you want to master a large French vocabulary, read books. If you don't want to have to look up words in a dictionary all the time, read interlinear paperbacks or ebooks.

We collected a series of links for French interlinear books, depending on the format. For example, some people still swear by paperback or hardcover, while others have their personal library on an ereader device.


If you're looking for paperbacks, and don't mean to print them yourself, then there's only one spot to find them directly, Amazon.

However, if you don't want to fill the pockets of fat cat corporations, you can also just look up the isbn number of the book you want there, and then order at your local bookstore.

Also, other online stores have French interlinear paperbacks as well, for example Barnes & Noble  The same goes for any online bookstore.


If you don't want to pay more for a paper version or you're just more into zero weight unlimited books, you can get ebook versions of French interlinear books instead.

For example, there is of course Google Play books, if you're ok with a fixed format version (pdf).

Now however, there's also flowing format for the Kindle, again to be found on  Amazon.

If you'd like those in pdf and epub and mobi and often including mp3, get them here on the site.

There are also interlinear books in French on