Free French For Beginners

Adrianus Van den End

Looking for Testers for French for Beginners!

If you want to learn French, and you would like to give our HypLern software a try, please use the contact button to send us a mail and request a Google Playstore download code for a free version of French Beginners.

Free French App Library

We'll send you the code and an additional form where you can write down your experiences with the free software. It's just keywords and good or bad experiences, not a lot of work.

Free French Reading With Pop-Up Translation

In exchange for filling out the form you'll get access to the HypLern French Beginner Reader App from the Google Playstore that allows you to read French with an immediate manually added translation in context and correct conjugation to English, either in Pop-Up format, Interlinear on-demand format, or Interlinear format.

Learn To Read French with Interlinear On-Demand Format

The stories are taken from original French fairytales, and have manually added translation, so you'll never be stuck with looking up a word in a dictionary. Added to the stories are beautiful pictures from French painters and other art collections.

Free French Reader App with Interlinear translation to English

Go and try out Hyplern French Reader for Free!!!