Learn Russian With Extensive Reading And Flash Cards

Adrianus Van den End

Do You Want To Read Russian?

Here's your chance. Read Russian Fairy Tales or Short Stories with every word having a mouse-over pop-up translation.

Even with a small vocabulary it's easy to read the Russian text because of the fast and immersive translation.

Check out our .gif video below and wait until it gets to the flash card list of my words. The question mark in the software allows you to see the sentence that the word is taken from.

Learn Russian With Reading And Flash Cards


Learn Vocabulary With Flash Cards

The software calculates the number of times you have to practice new words by checking the frequency of the words in the text.

This means you're studying efficiently. Going through your list of flash cards every day is extremely fast as well.

No look up time, no time needed to create flash cards and extremely fast flash card checking, it all means you're learning to read Russian very, very fast...