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Adrianus Van den End

Just Recently We Came Out With Interlinear E-Book Versions Of Our French Software

End of 2015 and beginning of 2016 we introduced a new version of our language learning e-books. Think of a super foreign reader enabling you to read fast and see all the meanings immediately. The interlinear version is just that, it has the word-for-word translations and any idiomatic explanations immediately visible via dual line interlinear. See all of them on Amazon here:

Learn French With Interlinear Readers For Beginners And Advanced Students

Learn French - Beginner Stories

This e-book is not the longest we have created, but for its size it holds a fair number of new words as it contains some 20+ very short stories with every single one about a different subject. It's a perfect starter for French, although we'd recommend starting out with "Learn French - Contes de Fées" as that one is even more basic that this e-book and will ease you into the French language nicely. Find it here on Amazon:

Amazon Look Inside - Learn French - Beginners Stories

Learn French - Contes de Fées

To start reading French this is the most ideal e-book around. It repeats basic words and adds some more difficult ones as well, and builds up the complexity of the texts up to the last chapter. The tales are fun and though some are familiar, others will be new to you. They're in fact from all around the world but written in French. A good way to start off your French reading! Find it here on Amazon:

Amazon Look Inside - Learn French - Fairy Tales

Learn French - Contes Français

These are short stories from classic French Authors Maupassant and Balzac. They're a lot more complex than Fairy Tales but thanks to the word for word translation they're totally readable even to beginners! Find it here on Amazon:

 Amazon Look Inside - Learn French - French Short Stories

Learn French - Histoires Romantiques

The stories in this e-book are more complex and all have been set up with love (and care). They're about love as well. One about eternal love, one about frivolous love, about dark love, about first loves, and about reluctant love. Enjoy! Find this romantic stories e-book here on Amazon:

Amazon Look Inside - Learn French - French Romantic Stories - Beginners and Advanced texts


Learn French - L'Amour Masqué

This e-book is a full fledged novel from Honoré de Balzac. It is the largest work we have produced until now. The original written manuscript was a present for Duchess de Dino, a friend and admirer. For more than half a century it remained in her family's possession, until it was "discovered" and published. Find it here on Amazon:

Amazon Look Inside - Learn French - Masked Love