Preview Of Our iOS And Android Reader App

Adrianus Van den End

Available Soon on Apple or Windows Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

We're working on a new and more dynamic version of the software that we currently have for Windows PC. It is to have a library storing all of your intelligent e-books to learn to read foreign languages. It will optionally either show interlinear or pop-up format.

It should be showing either books or stories. Here is a version showing your books and those available to you in the shop library (grayed out). When the book you own is clicked, the App will take you to the interlinear version. Interlinear or pop-up should be possible to toggle in the future:

Interlinear Reader App

Clicking a book that you don't own, but is available in the shop library (grayed out) will take you to that book in the shop library:

Learn to read foreign languages App with easy buy in shop 


Options We Will Add To The Foreign Language Reader App

The HypLern App or Foreign Language Reader App will simply contain a library of all your books and those that you can acquire in the shop library. We are going to put as many of the functions currently available in the Windows PC software in this App.

For one it should be possible to toggle between interlinear and pop-up. Pop-up will always be available, and interlinear will be optional. Pop-up will always be able to show more information than interlinear.

Another option is to click words and add them to your practice list. We want to also integrate the intelligent and efficient word practice functionality in the App that calculates how many times the word exists in the texts, and lets you practice the rest, so you're not practicing words unnecessarily.