Guest Blog on Learning Spanish

Janine De Vries

Starting Spanish With Bermuda Word

I started reading the Spanish pop-up stories with no background in Spanish at all. I did have a background in French, which helped me getting started because I knew some similar words and basic grammar.

My first stories were fairy tales . Although I had not heard all of those stories before, it was easy because it is not too difficult to understand the clues in a fairy tale. It is also fun because after a few pages you already are repeating the very basic words (pollo, dice, rey, habia, un dia, ciudad, informar) and sentences (a donde vas). Because you see them often you do not forget them again.

After each page or chapter I could choose to do a simple exercise matching the Spanish words with the right meaning. Part guessing game, part knowledge you’ve just gained. It feels like scoring high points. Encouraging!

The illustrations are quite intriguing and they help you see what is happening in the story. All in all because you're just reading (passively receiving) this is very much like children intuitively learn. Which is pretty effortless.

This is a great tool that works well both on it’s own or in addition to traditional courses. It definitely speeds up enlarging your vocabulary!

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