Introducing Bermuda Word Interlinear E-Books With Word-For-Word Translation

Adrianus Van den End

Our E-Books Now Available In Interlinear Format

We're happy to announce that we're planning interlinear versions of all our e-books. It's a slow process but we're converting our current works to interlinear e-books by the day. We're still looking at how and where to publish them. At this moment we have a Kindle version available, so you'll need the Kindle app. So for now, find them here on Amazon:

Amazon interlinear Bermuda Word e-books

Now you can read the texts available in our software based e-books "offline". You can read them in the bus or on the beach, and in the evening use the software version to do some practice. Here's an example of our Bermuda Word French Short Stories in Interlinear format:

Bermuda Word French Short Stories in Interlinear format with word-for-word translations

Comparing Interlinear Format And Graded Readers

When you're trying to learn read a foreign language through graded readers, you'll have to find a reader that suits your level. The meaning of words is not available in a graded reader, or a few of the difficult words can be looked up in an index, but in any case the looking up breaks immersion, so there can be only a few difficult words on a page. This means you'll have to choose a graded reader at your level, where levels are divided for example into level 1 to 20, and where you'll have to read a few readers at each level to become fluent in reading. Yep, that's right, you'll have to read a million words to become fluent and start reading whatever you like.

Now with interlinear format you can start reading advanced literature even as a beginner, because every word is immediately available. This means that with less material you expand your vocabulary faster. This means that you can start reading whatever you like sooner. So the advantage of interlinear format over a graded reader is clear. If you have problems with immersion when reading the interlinear format, you can always go back to the pop-up e-reader we already have :-)

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