Celebrating A Year And Uploading Our Fifth French E-Book

Adrianus Van den End

The Holidays Are Here - Time To Get To Work!

Most of us will have some time left for language study, or are going to decide on their projects for the new year. And we've got something to celebrate, with a year up and running, and producing over 50,000 words worth of French pop-up translated e-books, or more than 230,000 words of translated languages in total, and probably over 500,000 words of translation to English and Dutch by now!

Time to look back at all our products and how you can use them to become fluent in the coming year!



The following are our e-books in French with a pop-up translation to English or Dutch. To find any product with a Dutch pop-up translation, please go to the "Site in Nederlands".

These products give you a tool that can be used to reach fluent reading and listening French fast. All e-books give you quality material with immediate and correct pop-up translation and integrated spaced repetition word practice options.



We have translated several stories from German to a pop-up English and Dutch version. The fastest way to learn a language is to read short stories about different subjects, thus increasing your vocabulary in all these areas. Then memorizing those new words is a different story, and that's where our spaced repetition integrated tool comes in.

Learn to read and understand German fast and easy, with correct and immediate pop-up translation, and spaced repetition practice for low frequency words.



At the moment we are working on new Russian products to offer to those trying to master reading the Russian language by themselves, and here as well apart from English pop-up we also translated to Dutch.

  • РУССКИЕ СКАЗКИ translated as Russian Fairy Tales and Russische Sprookjes
  • РУССКИЕ РАССКАЗЫ published as Russian Short Stories and Russische Korte Verhalen (Gogol, Checkov)
  • Н.В. Гогол - Нос translated as "Gogol - The Nose" and "Gogol - De Neus", under construction

Learn to read and understand fluent Russian by simply reading and listening to fun fairy tales or short stories. You can see the meaning of words immediately just by mouse-over. After re-reading the stories a couple of times simply click the words you don't know yet, and those difficult words can be practiced using spaced repetition. This way with half an hour to an hour of reading, re-reading and testing words each evening, in two weeks you can read and understand the whole story fluently. When you finished the first two of our e-books you'll be well on your way to independent reading of the Russian language.



At this time we have two Spanish e-books in the store, with pop-up translation in both Dutch and English:

You can use these products to learn to read and understand Spanish fast and easy!



Our works in Swedish are comprised of (surprise!) fairy tales and short stories.

Want to learn Swedish? First become fluent in reading and listening, and that will make learning to speak or write so much easier. Our method teaches you to read and understand Swedish superfast and very easy by combining extensive reading (massive input of vocabulary) with pop-up translation (immediate meaning), software supported (efficient, only low frequency words) spaced repetition (memorization).



We have translated various texts from Dutch to a pop-up English version.

Apart from being an example of the work translating from Dutch to English, feel free to support our work and your own foreign language studies, and buy a product to get yourself fluent in reading and listening of Dutch literature.



We have translated texts in several degrees of complexity from Hungarian to a pop-up English and Dutch version.

In case you're interested in learning Hungarian yourself, learn to read and understand fluent Hungarian with our brand new language learning software products! They offer immediate and correct pop-up translation and on top of that, scheduled word practice to make memorization a piece of cake.



Our Italian published works consist of beginners and more literary work.

Use these products as well to get up to speed fast and easy with reading and listening Italian. Apart from pop-up translation and audio they contain integrated spaced repetition word practice that takes into account the number of occurrences of each word in the text, to make practice efficient.



We have created and published Portuguese Fairy Tales to English and Dutch pop-up already, under their own ISBN. The Short Stories are currently under construction.

Use our Portuguese Fairy Tales to get a head start in reading Portuguese. It's got spaced repetition word practice included.



Our portfolio of texts is currently growing and now includes more literary work as well.

Check out our products as well if you're thinking about learning Indonesian. They give you a fast and easy route to reading Indonesian by offering correct pop-up translation and word practice.



We are currently expanding our Polish portfolio of works with Dutch and English pop-up translation with Short Stories of Henryk Sienkiewicz, Bolesław Prus and Maria Konopnicka.

  • Polski Bajki as Polish Fairy Tales or Poolse Sprookjes
  • Krótkie Historie as Polish Short Stories and Poolse Korte Verhalen (Sienkiewicz, Prus and Konopnicka), under construction

Learn read and understand Polish fast and easy with extensive reading combined with pop-up translation and spaced repetition practice.