Top Eight Free Resources Of French Language Learning

Adrianus Van den End

Here Is A List Of Sites That Can Be Used For Learning French

If you want to learn French and you're looking for quality resources, here's a list of sites that we use ourselves. We'll start at the beginning, how to learn French when you're an absolute beginner. The fastest way to learn a language is to get a bit of understanding of French grammar and some basic vocabulary, preferably knowledge of a few French root words and how other words are formed from these as well. You can also view these paragraphs as the steps to learn French as fast as possible by the way.

# 1: French Beginner Courses And Grammatic Overview

Go to where you can get free lessons in French and furthermore once you're a little bit farther into the language where you can find explanations of more complex grammatical components.

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# 2: French Grammar overview

Once you've stepped into the French language, so to speak, it is good to have a quick overview of the French grammar at your disposal. This saves you from looking up conjugations or specific rules every time you encounter something quaint when reading. Go to google or bing search images tab and type "french grammar chart" and you'll see how many charts there are. Pick one for Verbs (all the conjugations) and one for Nouns (determining gender, for example) and look up some for other French rules as well. Since pictures can be taken off as fast as they're put on the internet We're not going to link to them here.

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# 3: Detailed And Academic Grammatical Explanations

Laura Lawless' site contains good descriptions of grammatical rules, however, they can be short for people who want more information. Check the wiki site for even more detailed insights in French grammar.

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# 4: Handy Resource For All Verb Conjugations

If you're looking at a verb and you're not sure if it's derived from a certain verb infinitive form, or when you have to use a verb in another tense and you don't know the conjugation, use It shows the verb conjugations neatly summed up for most of the common verbs.

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# 5: Three Times Ten Steps To Learn French

Once you're ready to cross the threshold from French fumbling to French fluency, read this Blog detailing the steps necessary to get there. It eases you into reading a few paragraphs of French while understanding the underlying grammar.

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# 6: French Reading Starters

Go to this Blog with articles on French Fairytales, Art and Grammar for slow and entertaining learning to read including grammar lessons. Another one if you're neither into Fairytales nor in Art is this one, Learning French with Short Stories, for interesting short story with grammar lessons.

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# 7: Best Program To Learn Read French

The best way to learn to read French is to do extensive reading where every word has a mouse-over pop-up immediate translation available and you're able to practice these words using spaced repetition. This is what Bermuda Word offers. An excellent demonstration of the abilities of this method is shown with this video.

# 8: Get Yourself A French Book To Read

The final step is the easiest, go get a French book from your local library, a bookstory downtown or from an online retailer selling French books. There's of course also free sites like that from the Gutenberg Project which has thousands of French books for free.

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Quality Offline Resources

If you want to learn French well beyond of the regular "Comment ça va?" to someone you meet, "Je voudrais du vin blanc" in a restaurant or "Je voudrais réserver une chambre avec vous..." in a hotel, you should start reading. Once you finish a few of our e-books you'll be able to pick up a French bestseller and read. The best would be to add audiobooks as well. Don't forget the best resources can be used offline. The best experience in reading a French book is when you've got it in your hand. The best dictionaries are still the big fat ones made from paper, although wiktionary is getting close with its etymological explanations. There's also handy compact books with overviews of grammatical rules and or the most common conjugations and an index of which verb would fit which conjugation.