Learn To Read And Understand Swedish Fast And Easy

Fast And Visible Progress

Bermuda Word Software powered E-Books with Swedish Fairytales and Swedish Short Stories are an effective tool to help you learn Swedish, in down to two months time. Because you can even read difficult Swedish fast with the immediate pop-up translation, you can read a few pages every day and learn dozens of words using the spaced repetition. Half an hour of reading fun and practicing words a day adds up to one e-book of 150 pages and almost 2000 new words a month, and two Bermuda Word Swedish e-books in two months, if you like.

Bermuda Word Learn Swedish With Beginner And Advanced Short Stories And Texts

With a regular course these kind of learning speeds are impossible to reach. Their setup with short texts or sentences and a word list to learn has been shown to be an artificial cutting up of the language which does not match with the organic structure that a language should form in the brain. It's like trying to fit a square and a circle. The reason why Bermuda Word Software enables this is by combining immediate pop-up translation with intelligent word repetition. Looking up the same word a few times will be frustrating enough if you use a dictionary, or even have to select and right click for a google translation, but it will cost you massive amounts of time if we're talking about looking up 5,000 words a few times, which is the number of words needed to start reading by yourself. Bermuda Word software shortens this time per word to a fraction of a second, and also skips repetition practice if the word will occur in the text enough times to have you learn it just by reading. Just to show a quick calculation, looking up 5,000 words ten times times four seconds (we're not even talking about a word list, index or dictionary here but google translation or a click and read system) adds up to 100,000 seconds, or almost 60 hours study time, or four months, half an hour each day. Looking up 5,000 words ten times in one second costs you only 14 hours study time, which is half an hour each day for a month. It may seem a simple immediate pop-up, but in the end it comes down to simple math.

Easy In Context Word Learning

Because only those words are learned that are not encountered enough times in the text and they can be learned by spaced repetition the memorizing process is very efficient. Add to that the fact that a lot of words have the same root, or are just a different conjugation from another word, and it comes down to learning about 5 to 15 more difficult words per day. These are not crammed, but just repeated one time every day and will be naturally imprinted in your memory over the course of that month, or longer, if you need it. This makes the experience of a Bermuda Word e-book only a fun one.

Bermuda Word Learn Swedish With Beginner And Advanced Short Stories And Texts

In the last paragraph we explained the effect of the immediate pop-up. When using the spaced repetition word practice system to make sure words are memorized, the Bermuda Word software makes sure you go for 100% word retention. Word practice in other courses will often amount to some tests at the end of a chapter and there will be no check as the whether you have actually memorized the words. The whole Bermuda Word program is centered around "repetition enough times to memorize a word". This process is shortened by including the times you read a word into the repetition, so high frequency words do not need separate practice.

Real Literature And Lots Of It

Again, when comparing to other courses, the amount of words that add up in their texts rarely exceeds a few thousand, whereas the Bermuda Word e-book program starts with around 10,000. And these are not texts about restaurants, hotels or some uncomplicated short story free from everything that might disturb the feeble mind of the innocent student. These are texts by actual classic authors with exciting stories that cover everything from family drama and romance to war or other grisly happenings, written down more than a century ago by actual writers of the foreign language and read by millions already!

Bermuda Word Learn Swedish With Beginner And Advanced Short Stories And Texts

Visible Impact In Swedish Reading And Listening Comprehension

The chapter progress page shows you how many words you know in the current chapter. 57% unknown words in the first chapter "Den Modige Klockaren" sounds fearsome but they are just words like "en (a)", "var (was)", "av (of)" which occur in that chapter for the first time and are counted as "new" words but which you will encounter hundreds of times more in the text, and already in chapter two you will be so familiar with these words that you don't need to look them up. You see the effect of this in the reading comprehension of the second chapter. Down to 38% unknown words, which is also inflated by some high frequency and easy words. Don't forget there are a lot of cognates (familiar, same sounding and same meaning) words in Swedish and English, so not all words will have to be learned.

Bermuda Word Learn Swedish With Beginner And Advanced Short Stories And Texts

Start For Free With High Frequency Words

To start learning today and for free just download the free demo of Swedish Fairytales. It will contain high frequency words and some low frequency words that you can practice already with the built-in spaced repetition system, and it gives you an idea of what the e-book is, a kind of graded reader on steroids.