Learn French Fast With Bermuda Word E-Books

Start Off With Bermuda Word French Fairytales

This e-book has been designed to suit beginners in the French language. Because of the pop-up translation you'll read easily through the chapters and with help of the spaced repetition you'll learn a lot of new words.


Bermuda Word French Fairytales contains eight chapters with more than 10,000 words to read, of which 1400 are new, a lot of which are the most used words that you will encounter in French, so a valuable asset.


Continue With French Beginner Stories

Starting with French Beginner Stories is already a lot easier when you have finished first with French Fairytales. This shows the effect of Bermuda Word e-books. You have mastered the most frequently used words, and you can find your way nicely in the average text.


Although its name is Beginner Stories, the chapters contain a lot of new words, because of the nature of the ABC setup. Every chapter revolves around an animal or object with that letter, and so the concepts and words to describe them differ per text, and a lot of new French words are introduced. This is also visible from the percentage of new words of the total text which is pretty high for a beginners reader.


Already Reading Advanced French With Bermuda Word French Short Stories

You might not believe it but after finishing Bermuda Word French Fairytales and Bermuda Word French Beginner Stories you're able to read advanced French. Bermuda Word French Short Stories contains classics from the likes of Maupassant and Balzac, not the easiest French authors. However, because of the pop-up translation in context and in the correct conjugation, and because you finished the other French e-books, you're able to read and learn these stories fast and easy.


Read the fun and interesting stories and learn French in a more natural way than cramming word lists or learning how to order your food or book your hotel room. The latter may be handy for a weekend in Paris, but if you truly want to learn the French language you'll need to learn to read. And there's nothing more fun than realizing that you can pick up a French novel and read it.


Finishing Up Your French Reading Comprehension With Bermuda Word French Romance Stories

The IMPACT of finishing Bermuda Word French Fairytales, Beginner Stories and Short Stories is visible when you start French Romance Stories. If you would have jumped right into Bermuda Word French Romance Stories you would meet more than 50% unknown words in the initial sizeable chapter. Although the immediate pop-up translation would help out a lot, for a beginner this would be a daunting task. With the other Bermuda Word e-books behind you, the Romance Stories will be a piece of cake, AND you'll learn a lot of new French words on the go as well.


Read Bermuda Word French Romance Stories with fun and ease. To read quality authors in their own language is an enriching experience. On top of that, in contrast with a regular French course, reading forms the natural pathways in the brain that are part of the organic structure of a language. A language is not a grocery list or a bunch of rules, it's an organic network of stories, composed out of sentences in context, and words in context of sentences.

Excellent French Learning With Bermuda Word


Bermuda Word Combines Extensive Reading And Spaced Repetition

And not only do we combine the best two methods to learn a language, we also provide immediate translation, in context and correct conjugation so you'll never have to figure out what a word really means or what it's form should be in a sentence.