Progress To Reading German By Yourself Fast And Easy

From 50 Percent Unknown Words To 10 Percent

When you start off with Bermuda Word e-books as a beginner in general the first chapter contains about 50% unknown words. This goes down fast as you learn the most common articles, operators and pronouns. If you finish your first Bermuda Word e-book you're at 20% unknown words or lower already for new chapters. When starting the next Bermuda Word e-book, if it is a Bermuda Word Short Stories, with generally more complex words, you start at just over 24% where without having finished the Fairytales, you would have had much more trouble. See here the difference between (as a beginner) starting Bermuda Word German Short Stories with and without finishing Bermuda Word German Fairytales:

Bermuda Word German Short Stories Standalone

You start at around 50% unknown words, hover around 30% for a couple of chapters, then end around 20%. Now when you finish Bermuda Word German Fairytales first, you see how much easier it gets to start reading Short Stories. It starts at below 25% new words and almost lowers to 15% unknown words:

Bermuda Word German Short Stories After Finishing Fairytales

Even if you're an advanced reader it can't hurt to get some extra practice and go through the Fairytales first, and build a solid understanding of the more frequent vocabulary before starting with German Short Stories. The next German e-books will bring the percentage of unknown words below 10%, at which point you can start reading on your own.