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Proud To Announce The Latest Version Of Bermuda Word E-Book Software

We've been busy this Summer and finally we're happy to show you the new version of Bermuda Word intelligent e-book software, integrated in all e-books that you download from us, and our secret weapon for you to learn languages fast and easy.

Bermuda Word Learn Read French New Software Version 3.0

We'll show you the three great new updates that we made. First we changed the look of the e-book to make it more reader-like, and to have the option to hide the menu so reading is more natural.

Bermuda Word Learn Read French Software Reader

Secondly, we enhanced the settings page so it's even easier to configure a flexible learning solution that's most suited to your own needs.

Bermuda Word Learn Read French Suit Learner Flexible Settings

Third and best, it's now shown in your progress page how many new words you can expect in every chapter, even compared to any Bermuda Word e-books that you already finished! This means that your progress is obvious, and when you look at our material, that the fulfillment of your goal to read a foreign language on your own, is obvious as well. The progress page now shows the percentage of new (unknown) words compared to the total words of the book and any finished books, so Readability. This example of French Fairytales shows low percentages of new words per chapter, as it is an e-book to learn French for starters. However, it's perfect to begin with and you'll still learn about 1400 words, including the most frequent ones, which has an impact on the later e-books you read (see the progress page difference between reading French Romance Stories right away or after finishing the other French e-books).


The column with percentage of new words compared to total words means you can see the difference between starting off with French Romance Stories or starting off with French Fairytales and then going on through the other e-books and only starting French Romance Stories when you finished the others. You can deduce the difficulty for a student starting in French to read below Romance stories by the percentage of new words she or he will encounter as part of the total words. More than half in the first chapter!

So you will start off with 55% unknown words, going down to about 20% unknown words in the last chapter. The amount is no problem with a Bermuda Word e-book, where pop-up translation is immediate and correct, but if you are a starter you'll learn more and faster if you finish the other e-books first. See here the progress page of Romance Stories AFTER you finished the other e-books:


So this is what happens when you're using Bermuda Word e-books. Your ability to read French texts will get better and better. And this process will be very fast and efficient because of the immediate pop-up translation our e-books give, and because of the spaced repetition word tests designed to give you a 100% newly learned word retention.

The total new words learned for all e-books combined (every e-book shows only unique new words compared to the other e-books) is more than 6000 French words, and by learning these and understanding their roots as part of a word family, you actually learn ten thousands of French words (learning comprendre and understanding its root is comprend, you will also recognize a range of conjugations or derived nouns). Including this root knowledge (acquired by reading a lot) would probably mean that after you finish our current four French e-books you're well on your way to read and understand French by yourself.