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Adrianus Van den End

Learn Hungarian With Bermuda Word E-Books

When you're still doubting the effectiveness of our e-books, download the free try out version of Hungarian Fairy Tales and see how easy it is to read the Hungarian language and learn any new words via the testing. Notice how the software will ignore any high frequency (easy) words and focus on the low frequency (difficult) ones, and how you can set the practice reminder schedule for new words you learn. Also check out our last Blog article on the steps to learn Hungarian if you need some guidance.


Bermuda Word E-Books With Spaced Repetition Software

Read Hungarian easily with the manual pop-up translation in context. Any new words you encounter can be practiced using the spaced repetition software. Bermuda Word e-books remember which words you don't know, and they will calculate how many times you will need to test the word to remember it. And only low frequency (rare) words are tested, since the software knows which words you will encounter enough in the text itself to retain them in your memory.