Learn To Read French With French Beginners Stories

Adrianus Van den End

New Product Added To Bermuda Word E-Books

We added another product to the Bermuda Word e-books library, French Beginners Stories. There's now more than 6000 unique French words in total to learn using our e-books. Read and learn French with fun and ease! Although we call this Beginner Stories it has a lot of new words, and to start out with French Fairytales is the easier story (see our 15 August article on version 3.0 of Bermuda Word software).

Bermuda Word French Beginner Stories With Spaced Repetition


Why Is This E-Book A Very Good Way To Begin French Reading

  1. It has pop-up translation in context, manually created and correct, not a list of choices or the wrong conjugation but the actual meaning in that sentence.
  2. The pop-up translation in this e-book is immediate, no selection or even right-click in free reading mode which makes it 10 to 1000 times faster than any other method.
  3. This e-book offers you to learn 1500 new French words in a fun and easy way, by reading. 
  4. This e-book offers you the possibility to test these words in whatever way you want, easy words, difficult words, per chapter, your own clicked words, etc.
  5. This e-book offers spaced repetition which has been shown to help memorizing.
  6. This e-book offers per-chapter progressing so it's easier to divide your learning in manageable parts.
  7. This e-book has beautiful vintage art.