Learning To Read English For Dutch Students

Adrianus Van den End

Bermuda Word Has New Products In Store For Dutch Students Of English

If you're Dutch and need to spruce up your English or want your kids to learn English, here's the way to do it. Reading Fairytales or Short Stories in English with immediate pop-up Dutch translation in context.

Bermuda Word Products contain software that checks the frequency of words that you don't know in the text and will subsequently make you practice only the words that occur very few times. This way your vocabulary training is efficient. The software configuration settings also allow you to set Spaced Repetition in word testing, which has shown to be more effective when learning new words.

Bermuda Word Shop For Dutch Readers Of Foreign Languages

To help Dutch readers of Foreign Languages Bermuda Word will offer a Dutch version of its store soon. For Dutch students that want to read our Blog, use our products to get up to speed with English and read our Blogs in English ;-)