Ten Tips For Reading French Books After Finishing Bermuda Word E-Books

Adrianus Van den End

Bermuda Word E-Books Enable You To Read French Fast And Easy

Because of the extensive reading and learning new words with spaced repetition with Bermuda Word e-books you're fast on track to read real French best-sellers.There is nothing more satisfying than being able to read in a foreign language. Of course there's a number of free French literature you can download from Project Gutenberg, from authors you'll already be familiar with after finishing our e-books. However, here we provide a list of contemporary French authors:

  1. Chrystine Brouillet - An author from Quebec writing detective novels whose style is good to start with. 
  2. Fred Vargas - A French author considered the queen of the detective novel whose style is great to read but can be a little difficult at times. She writes literature that keeps you reading French. The characters introduced in her books are interesting and fun and the plot is never run of the mill. Because the characters make a comeback it's best to read her books in order of appearance, and since she's a very good writer, you won't regret reading them all.
  3. Jean-Christophe Rufin - An author of modern or historical fiction. The best work to begin with would be Le Parfum d'Adam, an eco-thriller. Another fine example of his work would be Rouge Brésil, but as it is a tome and playing out at the time France tried to colonize Brasil it has a lot of difficult historical terms.
  4. Patrick Senécal - Another Quebecois writer of police detectives and thrillers will keep you reading French.
  5. Marc Levy - For more personal drama read works by this author. Où es-tu is a fine example.
  6. J.M.G. Le Clézio - A traveling writer where you can pick up a lot of knowledge of the French speaking world of former French colonies.
  7. Franck Thilliez - For readers preferring the supernatural or horror style books this is a French author offering thrillers in that genre.
  8. Jean Christophe Grangé - In the same genre as above, dark thrillers, his books have been made into films, for example 'Les Rivières Pourpres'. Watching a French movie with English subtitles will probably help you read the book afterwards as you're familiar with the concepts and the story.
  9. Jean-Marie Blas de Roblès - His acclaimed 'Là où les tigres sont chez eux`, is a great adventure novel but you'll need a good range of French vocabulary. Once all our French e-books with manual pop-up translation are released you can use those easily to get a good grip of the French language and start reading books like this by yourself.
  10. Michel Houellebecq - More philosophical literature, pretty difficult to read, wouldn't advise to start with this but it would be one of the ultimate contemporary readings to do to see whether you've become fluent.

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