Check Out Our Italian Product and Learn How To Read Italian Fast And Easy

Adrianus Van den End

Download Our Free Product Sample For Italian Fairy Tales

We now have made a full working Demo of Italian Fairy Tales with which you can check out all the features of our products. Use it to freely read in Italian because of the immediate and manually set up correct pop-up translation and the option to practice any unknown words using free testing or spaced repetition testing with reminders. These Fairy Tales have been copied from French originals by Carlo Collodi, who also wrote the original Pinocchio stories.

The Demo shows you the possible uses of Bermuda Word products. There are a few ways to learn to read Italian really fast with our e-books:

1. Read freely through the chapter and re-read until you understand most of the words. This is possible because finding out the meaning of a word does not cost any time. By hovering the mouse over the word you immediately see its meaning which is also conferred more easily to you the next time because of its context, as opposed to regular index word lists that would take a lot more time.

2. Use the word tests and the chapter progress to make sure that you understand all words in a chapter before continuing to the next one. The various configuration options for testing and remembering words help you to define a level and a schedule that fits your personal need. If you want to finish reading the e-book and learning its 3000 words in, say, a month, you set the spaced repetition reminder schedule so that it takes a week, for example, and make sure you finish the last chapter by the end of three weeks so you have a week left to memorize the last words. Reading our e-books, which are generally about 150 pages, in three weeks, would mean you have to read 10 pages per weekday.

Learning To Read Italian And Learning New Italian Words Ten Times Faster And Effective Than Regular Methods

Research shows that words need to be revisited 6 to 20 times to memorize them. Our e-books contain thousands of words. Taking into account word families, let's say one needs to see every word ten times at 2 seconds per word (it's less than one second to look it up, but we'll add some time for the reading of words you already know), and with the 3000 words of Italian, that would mean 60.000 seconds of reading while learning, which is only about 17 hours. Trying to do the same with flash cards or books with a word index (which is most of the times not complete or in the incorrect grammatical form as well) would probably cost you at least 15 seconds per word. That's 450.000 seconds, as in about 120 hours. With half an hour per workday spend on reading our e-book, you would learn thousands of Italian words by the end of a month, while with a regular course half an hour a work week day spent on learning would take you a full year. Because you can set the Retention Facter (the number of times you will need to see each word before knowing it) you are sure to memorize up to a 100% of new words just by reading our fun e-books, while with regular methods it turns out the percentage lies more around 25% of new words learned.

Vocabulary Learning Comparison  Word Look Up Time Word Practice Time Word Memorizing
Bermuda Word e-book Immediate and Correct Pop-Ups Efficient as it takes into account the times you encounter words in the text itself All Words have to meet Retention Factor to make sure they're memorized
Internet Reading site or using google translation Select word and right click with multiple or incorrect translations Does not take into account the times you encounter the new words in the text itself Good sites will have some kind of Retention Factor
Regular Course Look up in Index No practice or self regulated, no guarantee it takes into account frequency or difficulty No check on Retention Factor


Bermuda Word Infographic On Learning With Spaced Repetition And Extensive Reading